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* Do you know what the SPF record is?

Suggested article: What is SPF record?

The SPF record is one of a few TXT records with a specific purpose in DNS. It serves as a firewall for emails, giving direction about further actions like accepting or donating emails from a domain.

You can find an SPF record example here!

The SPF record has two main parts. One indicates the domain/hostname and the other the mail server. There you can also see the version of the SPF and extra instruction for the receiver.

How to create an SPF record?

SPF stops the complaints from your visitors who claim to receive emails from you that you never sent. Some cybercriminals will create fake emails, pretending to be you, and try to get private information from your clients. SPF can stop that, and also it will dramatically reduce the rate of your emails, which are stuck in the SPAM folder of the receivers.